duminică, martie 22

Pj Harvey feat. John Parish - Black Hearted Love

Chiar daca am renuntat subit la bloggereala de ceva vreme, ma mananca palma daca nu postez undeva urmatoarele doua melodii:

New song from THE INFLUENCE


New song from THE INFLUENCED
Download for free the new Placebo song >>> http://www.placeboworld.co.uk/

Au revoir!

9 raspunsuri:

Radu S spunea...

ce surpriza :)

Susana spunea...

trifoiaaas, te vrem inapoi, pliiz, macar un post pe luna:D

inca n-am ascultat noul album al lui pj harvey, desi am in plan de cateva saptamani... Si noul single de la Placebo SUUUCKS!!! :(((( Tie ce impresie ti-a lasat?

Anonim spunea...

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Anonim spunea...

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