duminică, iunie 22


Devendra Banheart wearing a Hecuba t-shirt, from People Magazine.

"It's as if Stanley Kubrick and Patti Smith had a baby, but it was home-schooled at Pharrell's mansion by Aphex Twin, Andre 3000 and Bjork, all while spending weekends with godfather and godmother Robert Wyatt and Wendy Carlos, who put it in a crib, put on a Charles Ives record, and let it all sink in."

Hecuba - Sir
MySpace: Hecuba

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Cerculetul spunea...

Maaa, mai traiesti ?

Ela spunea...

Gata cu invatatul? Gataaaa? :)

Clover Shaped Screwdriver spunea...

Mai traiesc, mai traiesc insa invatatul asta parca nu se mai termina niciodata. Am terminat cu licenta si acum studiez de zor pt. ACCA, o calificare de care am nevoie in viitoarea cariera. :P