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Just A Small Update

Tinand cont ca mai am foarte putin pana la finalul facultatii si ca in timpul anului am cam lenevit in urmatoarele doua saptamani voi fi nevoit sa ma ocup doar de lucrarea mea licenta si ca atare frecevnta posturilor de pe blog se va reduce substantial. Promit insa ca de indata ce imi voi termina de rezolvat treburile personale sa ma reintorc cu forte si sunete proaspete. =D Pana una alta va voi lasa cateva fragmente + mp3-uri extrase din 3 mailuri care mi-au invadat inbox-ul in cursul zilei de azi:

There's nothing quite like the sensation of being caught off guard as a music fan. Hell, we all live for it... that moment of revelation when you're hearing something so good or out of nowhere: it's an addiction really. Sometimes it's a new artist springing up fully-formed out of nowhere. Other times, it's a artist that has had the luxury of isolation to develop their songcraft until skill and a bit of timing or luck brings them to the fore. And then there's those artists you follow so closely that you think you're got 'em figured out but then they just blow away all expectations.
Kieran Hebden, p.k.a. FOUR TET, has done just the latter with the Ringer mini album: a half hour, four-track excursion into the kind of wide-open spaces you might find if you set out to make techno with an afrobeat/krautrock sensibility. [...]As a special treat, we're giving you a special Four Tet DJ mix to coincide with today's North American release date. Propagate at will.

MP3: http://www.dominorecordco.us/downloads/fourtet/FourTet_DJMix.mp3

2) Saxon Shore

Over the course of several albums and international tours, Matt Doty, leader of the Philadelphia based vocal-less group Saxon Shore, has been steadily building a fan base for his epic, uplifting brand of movies scores without movies. Recently, next generation music publisher Primary Wave Music caught on, signing Saxon Shore to a publishing deal which will bring Doty’s music to even more of the public. The publishing home to Nirvana, Daniel Johnston and other notables is staffed by passionate music fans who quickly took to the enormity of Saxon Shore’s potential. And who doesn’t like yogurt and TV? Especially when their consumption is motivated by tunes like Saxon Shore’s “Marked With The Knowledge”. Download the track and check out the Sony advertisement via the company’s website HERE or at YouTube HERE. Additionally, Doty’s work has also been picked up by the Sundance Film Festival, the Kentucky Derby, Major League Baseball, MTV, Toyota, Blue Cross, Nortel and Payless.

MP3: Saxon Shore - Marked With The Knowledge

3) The Atomica Project

The Atomica Project returns with a stunning sophomore record,"Grayscale".
Taking nearly three years to complete after their debut album "Metropolitan",
"Grayscale" is lush with elaborate narratives of failure and recovery that
will convince any listener that THE ATOMICA PROJECT stands apart from their
contemporaries like PORTISHEAD or LAMB.

MP3: http://www.theatomicaproject.com/content/1209724223536/posi022_04.mp3
MP3: http://www.theatomicaproject.com/content/1209724224654/posi022_02.mp3

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Ovi spunea...

Bafta, trifoiule!

zmeura spunea...

succes la examene&staff

Clover Shaped Screwdriver spunea...

Mersi, mersi oameni buni!

Whisperer spunea...

saxon shore :D imi place mult "this revolution will be streaming" de la ei. tocmai bun pentru un drum lung,cu ochii inchisi si castile pe urechi. mi se par un "explosions in the sky" mai condensati si oleaca mai melodiosi.

tuvia spunea...

vine si la mine licentsa, and I'm lazying around and totally know the feeling :) Vant in pupa si muzica buna in boxe (in scopuri educative, ofcorz :P

Clover Shaped Screwdriver spunea...

Aaa This Revolution Will be Streaming? Nu am ascultat melodia, dar m-ai facut curios. Pe myspace-ul lor nu am gasit-o, iar unicul mp3 pe care l-am primit de la ei a fost "marked with the knowledge". :S

Bine ca poti sa-ti pastrezi calmul, ca io sunt cam disperat lately din cauza asta. Abia astept sa termin, cause i totally need a break!