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Fresh Mailbox Music no. 1

The Terrordactyls
The Terrordactyls are Michael Cadiz and Tyrel Stendhal, an american anti-folk duo who recently received lots of attention due to their original way of making a video for the single Devices which features guest vocals by the ex-Moldy Peaches member Kimya Dawson. Both the song and the video are absolutely adorable so please don't hesitate to check them out.

MP3: The Terrordactyls - Devices
MySpace: The Terrordactyls
Heroes Of Popular Wars

As Steve said, their music requires a lot of patience before it can be judged by the listeners, but i can guarantee you that their unpredictable and experimental sound is anything but boring. They recently finnished a new single accompanied by an interesting low-budget video.

MP3: HOPW - There's The Bell
MySpace: Heroes Of Popular Wars

No Doctors

No Doctors are a psychedelic experimental rock band from California. These guys just released their third album titled Origin & Tectonics which promises to "serenely gestate through your speakers or ear-buds", and i believe that their music has a lot of potential for that. =D

MP3: No Doctors - Invisible Clopes
MySpace: No Doctors
The Diggs

The Diggs are Timothy Lannen (guitar/vocals), Robert Haussmann (bass), and Charlie Schmid (percussion), a Brooklyn-based band that champion the epic mid-nineties indie rock sound that is sure to please fans of The Stone Roses, Built To Spill and Sunny Day Real Estate. Preview two cinematic tracks from Ctrl-Alt-Del, their new release who's out starting today on Sugarspun Records:

MP3: The Diggs - Recovery Forever
MP3: The Diggs - Careen
MySpace: The Diggs
The Oaks

The Oaks are a highly talented indie rock band from Florida. They released their second album Songs For Waiting about a week ago and it looks to me like it's going to be a success. Tibi Puiu of ZME MUSIC seems to be a huge fan of them and he recently reviewed The Oaks's latest effort.

MP3: The Oaks - The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
MP3: The Oaks - The Two Calls Of Dietrich Bonheoffer
MySpace: The Oaks

PS: Cine mai are chef de inca 10 zile de coveruri? =D

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