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VH1 Alternative Music Weekend (1 si 2 dec.)

"Alright all you closet rebels, its time to come out of your dwelling for this weekend as VH1 hosts an all time alternative music weekend. Thought U2 all sounded the same? Or perhaps Elton John just has too much jump in his voice, not to mention his wrist flair. This weekend we listen to the oddities that have become mainstream but somehow still manage to be out there in the music empire. Big bands and big hits like Cold Play, Depeche Mode and the Cure will all feature on the slightly darker side of music. Fom spiked out hair to whacked out threads, Vh1 lives on the other side this weekend. There will be no bee bop this weekend so put away your colourful wig and find just how different, different can be." ( vh1e.com)

Eu il voi rata pentru ca astazi trebuie sa ajung la serviciu iar duminica voi fi prezent la Schimb de Carti... Dar voi nu aveti nici o scuza! =P

Bjork - Human Behaviour (1993)

MP3: Bjork - Human Behaviour

P.S: In plus, abonatii HBO pot urmari astazi de la 8 jumate V Festival 2007!!!
Line-up: The Killers, Foo Fighters, Kasabian, Snow Patrol, James, Pink, The Fratellis, Kanye West, KT Tunstall, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison, Editors, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Proclaimers etc. =D

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cropcircles spunea...

Da, bre, de uichendul trecut de cand l-am vazut tot il asteptam.

Bjorker spunea...


Clover Shaped Screwdriver spunea...

Cerculet, ma incanta sa stiu ca esti bine informata. =)

krossfire spunea...

Era o gluma la un punct de genul ''Imi e frica doar sa nu vina Bjork sa-mi manance creierul intr-un videoclip''.