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One Little eskimO

Pe One eskimO l-am descoperit acum cateva zile pe MySpace la Featured Videos. Nu am gasit prea multe informatii despre artistul sau artistii care se afla in spatele proiectului cu exceptia faptului ca au avut o colaborare cu Faithless, dar cert e ca se pricep foarte bine sa atraga curiozitatea asupra lor. Asa cum au facut si Gorillaz de altfel, pana s-a aflat ca in spatele lor se afla Albarn. Ca stil, muzica lor este intima si meditativa, cu versuri inteligente si constructii sonore interesante. Mi-a placut in mod special povestioara pe care au postat-o la descriere pe profilul lor si pe care o puteti citi in randurile urmatoare:

The little eskimO wondered and wondered, in fact he spent so much time wondering. When he wasn't wondering he was thinking up stories, and singing along with tunes that lived in his head. You see the little eskimO loved nothing more than just to sing. Now, every night shortly after the moOn came out and gazed down he would collect his stories and songs and walk away from the village, past the lake and towards the large snow hills. On arriving he would clamber onto his ark, and smile. Home, the ark was the only place the little eskimO felt comfort and belonging. It was here in his beautiful ark that he would figure out how to join the stories with the songs that floated around in his head.

Through the still of the night the sounds would wander across the lake, into the quiet corners of the land. enchanted by the beautiful sound, three very curious animals decided to be brave and follow the noise. First to head towards the sounds was a giraffe. The giraffe's favourite thing in the whole world was to bang on stuff. So, not surprisingly that's what he did, mostly from the moment he opened his eyes to the moment before he drifted away to sleep. The little eskimO smiled at the giraffe as he joined in and added rhythm to the eskimO's songs.

Next to join the party was a monkey. ""I can play the bass and the horn,'' shrieked the monkey. Every note the monkey played was in perfect harmony with the little eskimO's heart.

The eskimO, giraffe and monkey stopped playing as they listened to the most beautiful guitar sound that any of them had ever heard. Looking out over the ark they saw a penguin padding his way towards the ark strumming his guitar.

The little eskimO was so excited, that he and three new friends all began to play music and sing along to his stories.

After much singing, banging, strumming the guitar and honking the horn, the four friends stopped, looked up at the sky, stared at the moon, and wondered what lay beyond the shimmering stars that featured right on the tip of skyscape.

They decided that they would all head out and travel above the seas, past the moon and the planets and venture out through the stars. They would travel together on the eskimO's special ark. For this was no ordinary ark, this was a dream ark. On this they could go anywhere they wished, all they needed to do was to play their music and follow their dreams. (One eskimO)

One eskimO - Hometime, un videoclip genial de bine realizat. =)

MySpace: One Eskimo

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